Our Padel Courts

The same idea of installing the best possible tennis courts motivated us when planning our Padel courts. So we decided to give you the very best. Four panoramic and totally unique padel (also known as "3D"). Needless to say that you won't find anything remotely similar on the island.      We decided on the highest quality artificial grass surface, the most rugged metal structure and a top of the line glass enclosure.

"Panoramic" means the lack of columns between each glass element used on the walls. This facilitates an open court feeling and allows a broader field of vision with better control within the courts boundaries.
Our unorthodox carpet color choice and black metal structure enables a much better contrast between  ball and court thus improving overall playing quality.  

We have taken care of every detail, not only to distance ourselves from our competition, but rather  thinking  about what is best for you to make your stay with us the most pleasant moments of the day .

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