01 jun · 2021
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Tennis vacation in PARQUE TOSCAL


Situated on the fantastic and enchanting northern coast of Tenerife, in the middle of a park setting with palm trees and exotic plants, on the outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz, we have opened "PARQUE TOSCAL" a Tennis and Padel tennis center which has no equal on the island. Our product range includes    3 recently completed tournament clay courts, unique on the island, 4 equally new Panorama Padel tennis courts with a Pool-Bar.  Our Tennis Center with it´s oasis like flair, lies embedded in the picturesque park of the 4star hotel Maritim, frames our facility with palm trees like a work of art, conveying a feeling which lets you forget that you are still walking on European ground.  Our tennis and padel center is frequented by tennis and padel players of the region but also by the hotel guests and sports group travelers.


The combination of the 4 Star Hotel Maritim with our world class Clay Tennis courts represents you the perfect setting for your action- or event vacations. We offer something for everybody, no matter if you are just a Beginner, hobby player, team player or professional. The optimal preconditions for a perfect Tennis vacation.


Our facilities consist of 3 new, tournament ready clay tennis courts, THE ONLY ONES YOU WILL FIND ON THE NORTH SIDE OF THE ISLAND.

Surfaces that allow sliding resulted in approximately 75% fewer injuries than surfaces which did not.

Our clay courts are more advantageous for the back, legs, and ankles than any other courts. They are flexible, allowing a player to slide and recover under control, instead of having to slam down onto the court, absorbing the shock in every joint in the body. The softer surface  reduces greatly the risk of injury. Play it safe at your club: PARQUE TOSCAL...making tennis playing safer.

Compared to other dark colored surfaces our courts retain their moisture and breathe, keeping the surface an average of 20% cooler than hard courts, even during the hot summer days.

The ball bounce on our clay courts are uniform and have a consistently slower bounce than other surfaces. This attribute allows longer rallies, a greater variety of strokes and a more controlled game for players. In short, every move by the player is made more effective but less strenuous. Even the lines are easier to call since ball marks are visible to players. This also creates exciting matches for players. Our Players develop a better, more well-rounded game,

PLEASE CONTACT US. We will tailor a program for you or your group, which will make your vacation to an unforgettable experience.